Monday, April 1, 2013

Greetings and Welcome!

Joanna Ballard ~ Louisiana Storyteller

Even tho it is April 1st I am not foolin' around and starting one of my goals for the year as both friends and family have been after me for more than a minute to start a blog. Thanks for stopping by and being part of a whole new adventure. Over time this site will include besides my humble opinion on many topics, reviews of books, possibly cd's, stories poetry spoken word by myself and others, as well as works in those mediums. I plan to showcase some of my art, mainly, but not limited to, digital art photography, my folk art jewelry created on hemp and leather with vintage beads (also including rosaries) and a few stories, poems, and who knows what bits and bytes of my life *wide impish grin and virtual wink* Please take a minute or two to stop by and visit my web site to explore more of many hats and worlds

Thanks for stopping in and maybe sitting a spell ... new adventures begin! *wide impish grin and virtual wink*

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  1. Best wishes with this endeavor!!! I'm going to be connecting you to my own blog-constructed website!